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Made for every paddlesports enthusiast

Lightweight & Portable    〉   Up to 11 KM/H    〉  Effortless Installation

Excellent Performance

At full power, a Vaquita battery lasts for 70 min. At half speed, 5 hours. Vaquita is your helpful companion if you need to combat a nasty headwind, or just need a little support on the way back home. 
Vaquita carry bag

and Portable

4 KG / Customised Storage Bag

The motor weighs just 4kg and comes in a handy storage bag. It's small and compact so takes up very little space onboard or at home.


Coming with two fin box adapters and a universal adapter, Vaquita motors can be installed on any paddleboard. It takes 2 min only to set up in 4 simple steps.
Vaquita paddleboard

Wireless Remote and
Overboard Protection

With built in sensors the Vaquita stops if you fall overboard. The wireless remote control has 8 speeds forward, an LED indicator and emergency stop function

Vaquita paddleboard and kayak motor specification

Vaquita Technical Specifications

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