Behind the fast and furious racing, seen recently at Plymouth, SailGP is an event working hard to deliver climate positive events with the goal of all events being powered by clean energy by 2025. 

As part of the initiative, all the SailGP inflatable tenders are powered by ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus outboards.

As well as being used to manoeuvre the vast F50 catamarans around the host venue marinas, the tenders are used to support the SailGP Inspire Racing initiative that is held alongside each Championship event. 

Local and international young sailors are selected through their host governing bodies and the WASZP Class Association as part of a programme to identify the next generation of diverse high performance sailors from outside the normal pathways into sailing. Participants are treated to a training clinic with professional foiling coaches as well as competing in a regatta on the official SailGP race courses in the exciting foiling WASZP dinghies.  

In addition to performing regatta management duties, the ePropulsion electric outboards play a critical part in silently demonstrating the importance of clean energy on the oceans – making no noise and with no risk of  fuel leaks that could harm marine life. 

Conrad Humphreys, Sail GPs on-water operations manager for Plymouth adds,

“Having been inspired by the Sail GP programme and the quality of current electric motors from ePropulsion, I’m starting to transition all the boats in my own business, Sport Environment, to electric propulsion. In addition, we’ve set up Blue Electric as a dedicated retail outlet for ePropulsion here in Plymouth.”

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