Introducing the Navy EVO 3.0 and 6.0

The Navy Evo 3.0 and 6.0 are long range electric outboards, capable of powering larger displacement boats at faster speeds over greater distances. Powered by a choice of three different size batteries, the Navy Evo 3.0 will comfortably power a 2.5 ton boat, with the Navy 6.0 ideal for a displacement boat up to 5 tonnes.

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Navy 3.0

Electric outboards for larger boats

The Navy EVO range are suitable for a range of boats up to 5 tonnes. These can be powered by a choice of three different sized rechargeable batteries, which are smaller and lighter than their equivalent in fuel tanks. This means no oily bilges, no grease, engine noice or fumes onboard.

The motors are light weight, compact and easy to lift, transport and store ashore or onboard. The efficient drive propulsion means few moving parts and no maintenance or servicing requirement.

These long range electric outboards are suitable for:

  • yacht tenders and dinghies
  • aluminium fishing boats
  • SIBs (small inflatable boats)
  • RIBs (rigid inflatable boats)
  • motor boats
  • day sailers
  • yachts up to 5 tons

Choose your long range electric outboard

Navy 3.0 Evo

Navy 3.0 Evo

Power 3kW / 6 hp
Operational voltage 48V
Max current draw 62.5A
Outboard weight 21.7kg

Range low speed 300W
Speed 6kph
Runtime 13:20 hr:min
Range 79km

Range full throttle 3000W
Speed 16.4kph
Runtime 1:20 hr:min
Range 21.9km

Navy 6.0 Evo

Navy 6.0 Evo

Power 6kW / 9.9 hp
Operational voltage 48V
Max current draw 125A
Outboard weight 27.8kg

Range low speed 500W
Speed 6.5kph
Runtime 18:00 hr:min
Range 116km

Range full throttle 6000W
Speed 24.3kph
Runtime 1:30 hr:min
Range 36.5km

Performance data taken from 4m aluminium boat with one person, one E80 battery, calm lake

Performance data taken from 4m aluminium boat with one person, one E175 battery, calm lake

Control systems for the Navy EVO

Top mount control

Top mount control

remote controller with forward/reverse speed
console mounted control
LED screen with range, time & energy consumption

Side mount control

Side mount control

3.2' real time display
cockpit mounted
ideal for sailing & motor boats

Dual remote control

Dual mount control

console mounted remote control
forward & reverse speed

Removable tiller

Removable tiller

stepless forward & reverse speed and heading control
105° rotatable grip for excellent manoeuvrability
LED screen with range, time & energy consumption

Choose your battery options

The ePropulsion E Series are 48V lithium iron phosphate batteries. They are waterproof rated IP67 and lighter weight than the equivalent standard lead acid battery.

High energy density
70% less weight and space than standard lead acid batteries
Longer life cycles - 3000 cycles at 80% DOD


E40 - 2kWh

Charging time
10A charger 5 hrs
20A charger 2.5 hrs
42 x 32 x 20.7 cm


E80 - 4kWh

Charging time
20A charger 5 hrs
40A charger 2.5 hrs
55.5 x 44 x 21.2 cm


E175 - 9kWh

Charging time
20A charger 9 hrs
40A charger 5 hrs
50 x 56.5 x 27.7 cm

Navy EVO key features

Digital display
real-time monitoring of power, runtime, battery level, voltage
Electric start
effortless press button start
Magnetic kill switch
emergency stop safety key
Smooth throttle changing
excellent throttle response and feel
Adjustable max power output
full throttle power is adjustable
child friendly and ideal for rental boats
set either clockwise or anti clockwise rotation for forward propulsion

EVO Safety Wrist Band

EVO Safety wristband & remote control

The EVO safety wristband is a fully waterproof band that connects with the EVO Tiller or the EVO Top mount controls.

It allows you remote steering and operation, so that you can move freely around the boat. It’s a safety aid too. In a MOB situation (man overboard) you can simply cut the engine!

fully waterproof, rated IP67
connect up to 8 wrist bands per outboard motor
Man Over Board function

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